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The stigma felt by victims of rape and sexual assault in Acheh and fear of reprisal attacks has meant that most assaults go unreported; justice is rarely sought, and almost never won.

Bulletin 2005

Don't kick out foreigners Vol4.No1-3


Bulletin 2004

Achenese Hopes Dashed Vol3.No4

Achenese Want Peace Vol3.No3

Torture of Acheh Prisoner Cont'd Vol3.No2

Military Dynamics in Conflict Vol3.No1

Imp. Undermines Democracy Vol2.No4

US Senators: Intl Special Action Needed Vol2.No3

Democracy Will Prevail Vol2.No2

Analysis: Back to Square One Vol2.No1

Heightens Militia Groups Vol1.No4

Gross Human Rights Vol1.No3

Zero Prospect for Peace? Vol1.No2

Demi Kesejahteraan? Vol1.No1


Duta Acheh 2004

Damai dari Kwartet, Akankah Dialog Dibuka Lagi? Vol2

Juru Runding dan Komitmen Bangsa Acheh Vol1



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